Leonidas Famelis Biography

Leonidas Famelis (June 7th, 1974) is a Greek composer, keyboardist, pianist and music producer.

Early life

He was born in Athens and started classical piano studies at the age of only 4. His natural talent in music was perceived by his teacher right away when she realized he had the perfect pitch, the capability of perceiving music notes, chords and melodies without any external help. In 1981 he gave his first concert and was awarded with distinction prize by the city mayor.

Along with classical piano and music theory, he continued his music studies in Helioupolis Philharmonic Band, learning to play the trumpet, saxhorn, genis, baritone horn and giving concerts all over Athens.

Music career

During puberty and at the age of 16 he registered in modern guitar, bouzouki and drums. At the same time he completed his music superior theoretical studies and was unanimously distinguished in piano with honors by the Ministry of Culture.
His first compositions date in the early 90s in smooth jazz and chill out tunes, while at the same time he started orchestrating international and greek songs, building thus a huge collection that now counts over 50.000 music playbacks.

Chart Positions

Winter Breeze by Leonidas Famelis was 3rd in the global nu jazz chart. (2017)
Halcyon is still the Number #1 single on Funky Radio Station and in the next top positions are jennifer Lopez , Maroon 5, Dua Lipa & Bruno Mars.

  Top Singles  

  Year     Title     Genre  
  2015   Driving home   Relaxing - Chill out
  2016   Melodia   New age
  2017   Winter Breeze   Smooth Jazz
  2017   Privilege   Funky Jazz
  2018   Halcyon   Funky Jazz

Other distinctions

●  At the age of 33 he sat for the UCSF of perfect pitch of California exams and was awarded with the internationally supreme distinction of 36 - 36AP.

●  He is also the creator and owner of Greek Styles - Live application – for Android , iOS & Windows.

●  Founder of Kalamakion Contemporary Conservatory until 2014.